Jumping Line

Jumping Line is a jump´n run only controlled by mouse movement. My first game project, I developed this back in 2012 or something.

  • Easy to understand, hard to master.
  • One 3400 blocks long level.
  • Leveleditor (PC version)
  • More than 600 levels created by users.



Jumping Line is a proof that a game isn’t about the graphic only, but the core mechanic itself is the main point of this game.  -indie gems

Jumping Line is quite the fun puzzle game and if you need to kick yourself in the spare time for a couple of hours, you could do a lot worse. 7.5/10. -cubedgamers.com

Userrating : 9.3/10 -Desura.com

Userrating 4.5/5 -Mac AppStore